A bit about me!


A bit about me!

I'm an experienced professional photographer, I shoot nudes - tasteful nudes - fine art nudes - and sometimes erotic nudes; I also skydive quite a lot too. I’m open minded, fun and creative, published, award winning and easy to work with. 

I’ve enjoyed working with models for many years, I like a laugh whilst remaining focused and imaginative. I really like the freshness that comes with new models so I’m willing to work with people with very little experience that want to try and create something special as well as seasoned professionals. What I really like is to create a moment for the model to reveal her inner self.  That moment is priceless.

Happy to discuss all ideas you have brewing (yes, you know you have) and help turn them into a reality. 

I have a professionally equipped small studio and live not far from the beach, rainforest, waterfalls and other great locations, and I’m always happy to travel to you to capture that special shot in a great location.

Hope we get to share some creativity sometime soon.